Having the best possible working environment is crucial in order to perform first-class surgery.

The benefits of image-guided surgical interventions are immense and new products are continuously being introduced. For patients, it means procedures that are less invasive. For society, it means reduced healthcare costs due to shorter recovery time. However, for medical practitioners, it means increased exposure to potentially harmful radiation.

Medical practitioners should not need to worry about their own health while saving the lives of others. For this reason, 10MD has developed the world’s first radiation protection textile. TeXray.

Think ahead. Safety first.

10MD has recently received EC type examination for novel TeXray products. MindPeace (patent pending, 10MD, Sweden) is specifically designed to minimize radiation exposure in the neck as well as the lower and middle section of the head. HeadPeace is designed to minimize radiation exposure in the upper section of the head. A recent study demonstrates that this novel combination of head and thyroid protection is effective at reducing brain exposure and in cases of heavy radiation exposure should be considered in order to minimize overall radiation exposure.

Traditional thyroid collar

In X-ray guided interventions, medical practitioners are subjected to relatively high radiation exposure; in particular, the head and extremities may be exposed to high levels of ionizing radiation. According to the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) Publication 103, radiation-induced cancer sensitivity of the brain is low. However, ICRP Publication 118 highlights the need to increase the awareness among medical practitioners that the absorbed dose threshold level for circulatory diseases might be as low as 0.5 Gy to the brain. A recent phantom study showed a shielding effect only in the lower section of the head when using a standard thyroid collar.